Our Mission

The mission of Kids’-Doc-On-Wheels, Inc., (KDOW) is to ensure increased access to high quality
and comprehensive pediatric care in the children’s communities as well as their primary daily
location – SCHOOL. The virtual, iCare Telemedicine Center, serves as a School-based health
clinic in schools, Head Start programs, parks and recreation facilities and in the family homes.
The KDOW Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) serves as a complement to the iCare Telemedicine
Center providing on-site services. KDOW also serves as a Primary Care Provider as well as a
complement to the community pediatricians in order to improve children's access to medical,
dental and behavioral health services.

Who We Serve

KDOW proudly serves children ages 0 to 18 in public and private schools, early learning and daycare programs, and local YMCAs. We accept Medicaid, private pay insurance, and offers a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. No child will be turned away due to an inability to pay for care.

Benefits of School-Based Healthcare

  • Ensures regular school attendance for students, reducing missed work days and lost wages for parents. 
  • Better management of chronic medical and behavioral conditions as well as education on preventable conditions in children without disrupting learning time. 
  • Serves as a complement to children who have a pediatrician and offers access during the academic school day. 
  • Gives children who do not currently see a children's practitioner regular access to a primary care provider.
  • Parent and school nurse ability to schedule appointments through online portal.
  • Provides parents access to child's medical record though secure online portal.

Watch a video about the benefits of School-Based Healthcare, here.


Annual Physicals & Well Exams

An examination of your child's vital signs, general appearance, heart, lungs, head, neck, an abdominal exam, and observation of his/her neurological, dermatological, and extremity condition.


Immunizations prevent illness and have saved the lives of countless children. Flu vaccine is available to children that are registered in their community/school based telehealth program. Have your child vaccinated today! If you would like to see our Vaccination Schedule, please click here.

Asthma Treatment & Management

Based on your child's medical history and the severity of their asthma, our physicians will develop a plan of action. Together, we can take the necessary steps to help manage your child's disease.

Allergy Testing & Management

Children with allergies miss thousands of school days per year. We have the ability to perform skin, blood, and elimination diet tests that help us to determine the most therapeutic method of treatment for your child.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Conditions

Children with chronic health conditions are prone to frequent doctor's visits. We understand that these conditions effect the entire family, and are dedicated to helping you understand and accommodate your child's needs.

Education on Healthy Nutrition, Habits & Physical Activity

Your child begins to develop habits as young as two years of age. Our team provides information to each of the families that promote healthy habits, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Reach Out & Read

Reading is fundamental! Kids'-Doc-On-Wheels offers access to a program that prepares America's youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. The program begins at the 6-month checkup and continues through age 5. Reach Out and Read provides books to more than 9,331 children annually and serves children at 52 locations across the state of Georgia, reaching more than 61,933 infants, toddlers and preschoolers each year.


KDOW sponsors the iCare Telemedicine Center which offers access to a Pediatric Clinician throughout their day at school or at a parks and recreation facility that is in partnership with their community school.

To learn more about Telemedicine, click here.

BH and Dental Services

In order to be eligible for dental services and be able to request a dental appointment, the child would have to be registered in their community-based telemedicine clinic.


Years of Experience for Our Medical Professionals


Underserved Youth Served Per Year


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  • "The best doctors in town by far. It feels like family. Everyone goes out of their way to accommodate their patients....I know that as a mother, it's always felt like family here."
    Wanda Foster
  • "This has been my child's pediatric group for years. I wanted to specifically give a shout out to them for their patience and fortitude in light of a very difficult exam. They made me feel better and were complimentary of my efforts to calm and help my son.. HIGH PRAISE."
    Eve Evans
  • "My questions were answered and I was given a briefing on what I should look forward to in the coming months. The icing on the cake though was THE BOOK. YOU GET ONE EVERY VISIT UNTIL THEY ARE FIVE!!! What?? Now that's what I'm talking about. We read regularly and we will continue to build our library just by going to the Dr's office."
    Zanaida Byro

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